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 Firmamız Eskişehir ili Odunpazarı ilçesinde Firma Sahibimiz Optisyen Hüseyin Fercan ERCAN tarafından 13 Şubat 2018 tarihinde faaliyete geçmiştir. 

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Dorota Kusal Florist is located on Kościuszki Street in Sanok. Every day we meet our clients, advise and create unique compositions especially for them. We make wedding and occasional bouquets, funeral bouquets and tombstones, occasional baskets and Christmas decorations made of live and artificial flowers. We also have potted flowers for sale. If you want to make a pleasant surprise to your loved ones, please contact us. A florist has been around since 1972 . It is run family-wide, from generation to generation. The beginnings were not easy, and it all began with a small flower shop, which my mother ran. Helping my mother, I became interested and loved flowers and working with them. In 1993, I took over the family business, trying to professionally take care of existing customers while acquiring new ones. We serve customers in accordance with current trends, not forgetting the traditions of Polish bouquet making, we satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. I hope that the presented proposals will bring you closer to the nature and style of our products. For you we will create an original and unforgettable creation of flowers and all additions. We will be honored if the pictures shown encourage you to shop. Dorota florist invites you!

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Our "evolution" An evolution starts with a simple organism that becomes the foundation from which new functions begin to grow, ever increasing in complexity. This foundation for us was Giorgio Nannini who in 1954 began to study and produce high tech glasses for car and motorcycle racers. Later he focused his studies on developing high tech and nearly indestructible glasses for skiing and sailing. The central driver in our ever-evolving story is the importance of always being on the move. This is the reason we live everyday with an excitement and impatience about knowing what will happen the day after.

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MOLD Nomec is known throughout the world for its quality, professionalism, reliability in the construction of molds in multiple fields of use as listed below. Sun glasses, sports glasses, sight glasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, cross masks, safety masks, visors, ski helmets, visors, bike helmets, visors, motorcycle helmets, visors, safety helmets, lenses for sunglasses, spherical, cylindrical, toric base , lenses for ski masks or safety spherical, cylindrical, toric, technical items. Centrostile We support the customer with design proposals through a staff of specialized professionals, we provide all technical support up to production. Specifically, we offer support in the following phases: Design concept (given a briefing) 3D Development (PRO-E, Delcam, Rhino) Reverse Engineering Realization of style and functional prototypes Definition of the mathematical model Management of development of color variants and rendering Packaging design

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Kappatre Srl operates in the optical sector since 1986 . This period has allowed us to acquire the experience and the will necessary to carry out the various collections in our sample collection, which, accompanied by a corporate organizational support and the dynamism of the staff employed, allow us to transfer this experience to the service of our customers.

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A philosophy of performance At Minima, we cultivate the difference, we point the performance, we strive for excellence. In a word, one adapts permanently. To push ever further the limits of the possible. To design glasses that ensure the well-being of those who wear them. All the collections bear witness to this constant demand for innovation and technical expertise, with glasses as light as they are quality, as reliable as they are durable. All marked Minima style: clean and neat, all "simply" elegant.An expertise in eyewear manufacturing "The complexity of being simple" could thus be a motto at Minima, expert in high-eyewear for over 30 years. As refined and refined as they are, the Minima collections are true concentrates of technicality, fruit of an exclusive know-how in the design and manufacture of eyewear. It is indeed since its factory located in Linas, in Essonne, in Ile-de-France, that the company imagines, innovates and deploys many new concepts in eyewear. Five patent filings attest to this. Recognized all over the world, Minima has been rewarded many times by optical-eyewear professionals for its high-tech collections of the highest quality.At Minima, there is a choice For men and women, retro glasses rub elbows with colors, ultralights play with XXL, the precious make the eye invisible, the titanium asserts its ultra-lightness, when the acetate reveals its colors and the metal argues of its finesse ... With a range of more than twenty references for adults, optics and solar, all styles are at Minima. For children, the frames are designed in collaboration with eye care professionals and are thus the guarantee of an irreproachable technical quality, meeting the morphological imperatives of 0-8 years old. This technical performance is coupled with innovative aesthetics and design, which makes it easier for children to wear glasses. These are all assets to seduce young carriers, reassure their parents and satisfy visual health professionals.

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Multiópticas is the leading company in the optical sector with the largest market share in Spain. He has 40 years of experience and, currently, is made up of more than 300 partners and collaborators, a distribution network with more than 600 opticians and more than 2000 professionals in the national territory. It is directed under a cooperative model, a reference in terms of billing, number of establishments and associated professionals. Multiópticas, is the most recognized brand by the consumer and its own brand of glasses: mó. Mó is the exclusive brand of Multiópticas glasses. With more than 700 new references per year, graduate and sun, I bet on the world of Spanish fashion and trends. The brand has its own design team that seeks inspiration from the catwalks around the world, the “street style” and the newest currents to create the different models. Glasses that play with extravagant shapes, bright colors and prints, models that reinvent the classics and a lot of variety. If it's fashion, it can only be mine. In addition, we also take care of your hearing health. In Multiópticas Auditory Centers you will find all the products you need for your hearing problems. In our catalog of audiology you have available hearing aids, protectors, amplifiers, accessories and tips to maintain good hearing health. Thanks to our exclusive brand, Microaudio, you will be able to acquire the perfect hearing aid for you. As part of their commitment to visual health, through the Multiópticas Foundation, they help the most vulnerable people and communities by offering attention to visual health and donating glasses through their own programs or collaborations with entities of recognized prestige in the field of solidarity.

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LASERTEC SRL In 1995 the company, based in Tai di Cadore, founded the first solid foundations to work with the eyewear world, but over time it learned to adapt to the needs of other merchandise sectors, experimenting that same precision even on cutlery and promotional items for companies throughout Italy (such as pens, key chains, gadgets and merchandise). The technologies of Lasertec srl, in symbiosis with the by now consolidated ability in the labor of the trade, allow an absolute accuracy in the reproduction of logos and texts. The company is able to adapt its production cycle both to small quantities and to large and constant commissions.

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IOI INDUSTRIE OTTICHE ITALIANE GROUP The IOI , Optics Industries Society Italian Srl of Turin, was founded with the aim to achieve the highest level of specialization in the production of reading glasses for reading for simple correction of presbyopia. Objective fully achieved, given that in a short time IOI has been awarded a market leading position, for the production and sale of its products, both in Italy and abroad. The company is present on the market with different brands created for the specific needs of sales and distribution channels. The Prontoleggo eyewear linehas reached the top of sales in pharmacies for reading glasses and has continued to increase its market share in this sector of medical-surgical devices to become a sure point of reference for Italian and foreign buyers. Thanks to the excellent value for money, the three-year guarantee, the exclusive designs and in line with the fashion trends of which reading glasses have become, in recent years, an established, and appreciated, accessory. At least 15 million Italians use glasses every day for reading and their number is constantly increasing due to the use of mobile phones and computers, as well as to the increase in the average age: a reference market therefore continuously growth.

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Services At our store you can satisfy all your needs related to the view or to the look; our optometric exams are taken care of and carried out by specialized personnel with proven high level experience using the latest generation tools. We also offer computerized topography, glaucoma check-ups and non-diagnostic cataract screening. We offer a wide range of contact lenses, soft and RGP maintenance fluids. With a vast display of 2000 frames and 200 sunglasses you can renew your look or find something new, let us help you. We develop perfect photos and pass photos on Canon paper, we exhibit non-selling antiques but for the pleasure of your eyes permanently.

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Eschenbach Eyewear. More than 100 years of tradition and innovation. Eschenbach has been a byword for innovation since 1913. Since then the company has a history of setting standards and repeatedly introducing new unique developments in design, materials and technology. Eschenbach Eyewear demonstrates in its brands the potential variety and technical feasibility of today's modern eyewear designs. The glasses frames are inspired by it and are always developed with the wearer in mind. The high tech TITANFLEX material makes many of the glasses belonging to the Eschenbach Eyewear brands particularly durable. The sunglasses from Eschenbach Eyewear enhance the wearer's unique personality and the impression they make. Modern, stylish and with clean lines, they demonstrate self-awareness and attitude in terms of fashion, lifestyle and personality.

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Founded more than 38 years ago, Óticas Maxilens aims to provide the well-being of its customers. It has its own computerized laboratory, products with the highest quality found in the optical market, sports glasses, children's glasses, the best lenses in the world market, special and differentiated payment conditions, and qualified technical staff for personalized service. . Present today in the cities of Salto, Jundiaí and Bragança Paulista, Óticas Maxilens conducts several social programs, such as the Campaign held at Easter 2014, where part of the sales went to easter eggs and donated to the Belém Transitional House (Salto) ) and Transitional House Baby Jesus (Várzea Paulista) that house needy children. Óticas Maxilens focuses on developing social campaigns and awakening in our customers, the desire to help others. We are pleased to serve all our customers in the best way possible, as this is Maxilens, in love with you. Eyesight: Nowadays glasses are not only necessity, it is also a fashion accessory. It is common to combine bag with shoe, tie with shirt and glasses can be in perfect harmony with your style of dress and living. Every day of your life is special, why not have glasses for each day? Our goal is to make the purchase of eyeglasses more affordable, so that all who need and can not afford! Mission: Taking care of the health of vision is very important, so we are committed to our work, so that all people have the possibility to treat eye health, making their daily life better. Values: Respect for all people Honesty Warranty ethic Quality in our services Commitment Humanization Social responsability
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