Welcome ! Our brand owes its name to the film Fahrenheit 451 (François Truffaut, 1966) and since the creation of the brand, in 2012, it has evoked its own universe through images. We offer a large range of video productions, original and creative. Our specialties are corporate films, animation films and documentaries however we also have extensive experience of adverts and music videos.MEET OUR TEAM NEED SUPPORT CREATIVE IDEAS Our company is comprised of qualified professionals in video production areas such as production, conception, shooting, motion graphics and animation films. We guide you from the first step: conception of an idea for your video. Our team have extensive experience supporting customers to find the best way to produce videos. We believe that storytelling is one of the most important steps to connect with your audience through our videos. We love telling stories like movies. Post-production generally includes everything that occurs after shooting has been completed. We will discuss: Editing, Colour-Correction, Visual Effects and Animation. It is the crucial point. These services include: video shooting, single-camera and multi-camera shoots, directing, professional video, sound and lighting equipment.Pre-production Great planning leads to great results. The first place to start is with a good concept. We’ll help fully shape your story or message with thorough research, script development, and storyboarding. These services include: Consulting, Script Research and Development, Storyboarding, Planning, Budgeting, etc.Corporate films 451 Prods provides full corporate video production services including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, Film Creations can write, produce and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives. Animation films No matter how fantastic your dreams of characters, plots and settings may be, we can bring them to life. Our complete range of digital effects services includes 2D animation and motion graphics. Our services include: Concept, Story Analysis, Script Writing, Animation, etc. Documentary films Are you in need of a documentary, mini-documentary or short film to tell your story? We will consult with you every step of the way with impeccable planning in pre-production all the way through delivery. Our rates are very competitive and we can tailor every project to suit your needs. Music videos Want to produce a music video? We have a talented team ready to help your vision come to life. We provide a range of service levels, for just about any budget.

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REAL ESTATE pHOTOGRAPHY The photos highlight real estate. They make it possible to stand out, to show all the potential of good. 360 ° virtual tour The virtual tour allows you to visit a property directly from your home, avoid unnecessary visits, and allows instant sharing while participating in the development of the property. Trade Photos and virtual tours are feasible for all shops, museums, restaurants, monuments. Materials and processes All photos and virtual tours are made with a 24 Mpx SLR with wide-angle lens attached to panoramic head. The photos are taken in HDR which allows to recover all the details (more against day). They are all retouched not to cheat but to adjust colors, details, brightness, white balance. The assembly software and virtual tours allow the integration of plans, texts, videos, sounds ... it is possible to make them compatible with the gyroscope effect and virtual reality headset.Photos-immo360 ° the reference agency for your real estate photos, hdr photos, house photos for sale for private individuals, apartment photos, 360 ° virtual tour for private individuals, HDR real estate photos and video for professionals, real estate agency, implementation real estate value, in Rhône Alpes, Isère, Grenoble, Voiron, Bourgoin Jallieu, Saint Marcellin, video for real estate agency, photo hdr for real estate agency. photos and virtual tour for real estate agent.The virtual visit for the sale of real estate What is the point of the virtual visit in the sale of a house or an apartment? : The virtual tour has the advantage of viewing the entire house almost as if you were there. It is available 7 days a week and visible everywhere in the world, it allows to share the visit with his family, his relatives, it helps the buyer to project in the good. Contrary to popular belief, new virtual tours have a fast loading time, the effects of exaggerated distortion on the edges are easily adjusted through the adjustment of the viewing angle. Buyers make many unnecessary visits because of lack of information about the property, some often misleading pictures show the best parts of the house hiding the rest. The buyer will choose his property knowingly after the visit, if he feels deceived and is disappointed with his visit he will never offer. The virtual tour helps to differentiate your property, the user is really focused on your ad, spend much more time than average and gives importance to your home or apartment.

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Greet us! We are looking forward to talking about your new photos Any information you can provide about your project will be welcome. In MrKii we like to offer customized solutions according to what your project needs. For corporate photographs and photographers coverage for events, the budget usually varies depending on the duration of the session (half-day or full-day). We know that photographers are a bit weird (sometimes). If you have any doubt or question, we are at your disposal to clarify our working method and what we can offer you for your project. Simply fill out this form and we will respond as soon as possible . Normally, in less than 24 hours we will have contacted you.

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Photographer in Hamburg Show personality • product staging Show personality I am a passionate photographer in Hamburg. No matter if you need a business portrait, want to present yourself with a job application photo or I should realize your wedding photos, first we should get to know each other. If I have an idea who you are and what drives you, then I can also show your personality in a portrait.To stage products Every place, every thing, every company has a fascinating core, which I summarize in product photos. My industrial photography knows no me too products and no me too photos.The Joker with Michel Ruge A big movie cast its shadow ... That's what happened to me in September when curb king Michel Ruge approached the Joker . He wanted to slip into the skin of the ragged Gotham resident and asked if I wanted to photograph him. Michel is not a classic comic fan, but felt the version presented by Joaquin Phoenix as fascinating. The trailers in the apron made something in him sound. It was above all the aspects of the misunderstood and unloved loser, who gets upset by his environment as long as he goes crazy. I met Michel in the context of my portrait series "Faces of St. Pauli" and read his books. In our meetings, he always made the impression of an eternal seeker with a keen eye for people and the society out there. Stop a bit like the Joker in search of his luck. Michel likes to play with his macho image as a facet of his personality. In the Joker Shooting we rolled the image completely from right to left: Just as the Joker fails to make the world laugh, the Michel Joker should break the women, or be driven by them into insanity. We had support from the burlesque artist Belle La Donna , who was upset with her appearance Michel. Anuschka Dreikandt, designer and 360 degree stylist, made our project creative to the desired limit with a film-ready joker make-up. The result you see here: the madness lives on St. Pauli, where else!

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Why professional photography for electronic commerce? A good product photograph improves the knowledge that the potential buyer has of said product, increases their confidence in the purchase and, consequently, increases online sales . According to different studies 1 , the image shown of the product is the most important factor that potential online buyers take into account , after the price and / or delivery times. The professional photography is one of the essential pillars to project a better brand image . It is an important part of our virtual showcase and, as such, we must take care of it. Photocomposition or photomontage is a variant of commercial photography in which extensive use is made of a photo editing program (eg Photoshop) to convey some idea or concept that goes beyond the physical reality that can be captured with a camera.As an optional service, in the non-visible part of the photograph ( metadata ) we can include information (in the appropriate fields) by using keywords ( keywording ) that help our photo be positioned as best as possible when a user searches on Google Our product or service. The better our photo is positioned in the search results, the better positioned our business will also be.

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Our team consists of video operators specialized in shooting ceremonies and in particular weddings. We work to entertain you and we do it by putting all the care and energy necessary to return you even after so many years the same emotions of the most beautiful and most important day of your life. After hundreds of services, we are organized in specialized teams, we also take care of makeup, aesthetics and choreography professionally, with the aim of satisfying every disparate need. We work with a single philosophy: to give you back emotions, images and full satisfaction. We take pictures, you have nothing to do but have fun with us ... The passion that guides us in carrying out our work has led us to organize ourselves into a Team to offer a professional service from all points of view. Each of us plays a precise role, we are always able to assist and provide all the necessary advice to always be impeccable throughout the day, even in the most difficult moments. The care we put into creating the service leads us instead to know our customers confidentially a few days before the ceremony to create a pre-marital service perfectly integrated in the final album. The latter is thus finely cared for using the aerographic technique, the textile decoration and black and white photos using the most ancient techniques, in order to make each image unique. In short, if your wedding day is the day of your life, it is our scruple to give you back the same places, the same people, the same people, with great care, both in photos and on video, even after dozens of years. situations and the same emotions ... Offered services: Photos and Aerial Videos. Digital photos. Analog photos. Video. Album. Custom albums. Photos on the internet / online album. Blu-ray Disc. DVD.

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Photo Booth Hire For London and Essex VOTED the UK’s no.1 photo booth hire company, OMG! have attended hires for weddings, private parties & corporate events. We have an outstanding portfolio of gilt-edged reviews. Whether it’s a corporate photo booth hire London or a wedding photo booth hire in Essex, we supply the whole UK & ensure the highest quality for any shindig. Our top-notch photo booth hire creates keepsake memories, no matter what type of day you’re planning. If its an 18th, 21st or 40th, our services are a bare necessity when it comes to the evening entertainment. With each of our carefully designed rental package, OMG! supplies market leading photo booths which are sure to add the WOW factor to your occasion. Every OMG! photo booth rental in the UK is fully equipped with unlimited instant drying prints, DSLR auto-focus cameras, 42” touch screen HD TV’s & studio lighting for the best quality available to date. We can strip the booth back to basics and offer a bespoke package with a choice of classic curtain colours or we can offer the most advanced green screen booths to really set us apart from other cheaper companies.

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Zümrüt Fotoğraf Stüdyoları olarak 1978 yılından bugüne, köklü sanatsal birikimimiz ve tecrübemizle fotoğraf sanatına yön veriyoruz.
Fark yaratan, yenilikçi tarzımızla en özel anlarınızı ölümsüzleştiriyoruz. Sayısız ünlü isim, markaya hizmet vermiş profesyonel ekibimizle, izlemeye doyamayacağınız düğün hikayelerinizi çekmek için sabırsızlanıyoruz. İlk günkü heyecan ve tutkumuzla sizleri hayal gücünüzün sınırlarını zorlamaya, fotoğraf sanatına yeni bir soluk katmaya davet ediyoruz.

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I CREATE IMAGES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE You know that to give a professional image and thus be able to improve your sales you need some professional photographs of great quality. That is why you have already tired of working with generalist photographers who do not offer you the quality you need, but hiring a large studio is an investment that you do not want to make or cannot afford. I am a photographer with extensive experience in advertising and corporate photography for companies and freelancers and I will give your project the photographic quality you have always wanted without having to invest thousands of euros. Contact now and we will see what your photographic needs are in order to boost your brand towards success.

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HYACINTHE ARTHURS PHOTOGRAPHER & RETOUCHERArthurs-h: professional retoucher photographer Hyacinthe Arthurs Attracted by graphic research, beautiful images, the discovery of new environments and different cultures, I decided to undertake in 2001 a Bachelor's degree in photography technique at the Haute Ecole HELB-INRACI in Brussels. My perfectionist and meticulous side oriented me to the field of commercial and advertising photography. After more than 10 years of professional experience , I work for different clients throughout Belgium and Europe. Open to any challenge and style of shots, I am committed to achieving a result that corresponds precisely to the customer's request. And in cases where the frame allows, I propose an aesthetic and technical look to bring a plus to the final quality of the images. Whether outdoors or in the studio , special attention is always given to framing, composition and light. By changing the digital image and again in order to push the image quality at maximum, I improved myself in the areas of editing , the professional editing , the creative editing / montage and postproduction. This allowed me to develop a qualitative approach where the image and its meaning stay ahead. You can discover more about this part of the job via this page: professional photo retoucher . In addition, I also created, with other people from the graphic / visual world, non-profit organizations that produced documentaries and socio-cultural projects. To discover including: UzinesS and Where Is The Queen? .

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IT ALL STARTED WHEN ... Sébastien is a photographer in Quimper specializing in marriage and portraiture . This taste for photography, he developed it on a trip, somewhere between New Zealand and Vietnam. Since then, this passion has become a profession. After several years spent abroad, he returned to his native Brittany where he decided to move to practice. It must be said that Breton landscapes are a blessing for any enthusiastic photographer . For Sébastien, travel is an engine . Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa are all areas of adventure that he likes to explore and capture. Going to discover the world, he seeks to immerse himself in cultures that are far from his own, to bring honest and humane images to give a voice to those who do not, to put the man back its place on a global scale. Close to nature, he enjoys long hikes, at the top of a mountain or at the edge of an ocean. Listening and professional , he knows how to organize his photo sessions at best and according to the expectations of his clients. According to him, a good understanding and respect for each one are the keys to a successful session. Sébastien is also a travel blogger for Freelensers , where he is web-master, in charge of SEO - SEO and photographer.

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Our Showreel We ♥ What We Do Our clients range from the big names in film and television to small production companies and start-ups. We are based in England and France, but our clients are worldwide. Contact us now for a quote! News and Events When we’re not busy flying! We provide free consultations and off-site assessments. We keep our finger on the pulse of the drone community by visiting local and international drone shows and exhibitions.

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