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INTERSYSTEM kurucularından Yusuf Çekiç, 1976'dan bu güne metal mamuller imalatı ve kalıpları sektöründe kalite tutkusunu ön planda tutarak bir çok yeni üretim gerçekleştirmiştir ve bu üretimler günümüze kadar devam etmektedir.
Ahşap talaşlı imalat ile devam eden üretimler ileriki yıllarda ahşap saksılar ve ahşap bahçe aksesuarları ile bütünleşmiştir.1984 yılında İngiltere için Ar-Ge bölümü kurularak ilave ahşap ürünler 5000 m2 açık 5000 m2 kapalı olmak üzere toplam 10.000 m2 alanda geliştirilmeye devam etmiştir.
1994 yılında INTERSYSTEM bahçe mobilyaları üretimi daha da genişletilerek bugünkü çeşitliliğine ulaşmıştır ve akabinde bahçe mobilyaları tekstil üretimini de bünyesine katmıştır.
INTERSYSTEM devamlı Ar-Ge çalışmaları sonucunda 100'ü aşkın endüstriyel tasarım tescili ile sektördeki öncülüğünü sürdürmektedir.
INTERSYSTEM "Uzun vadeli başarının kısa yolu yoktur" ilkesini benimseyerek arasına katılan ikinci nesil ile yoluna devam etmektedir.

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The TRIMEX Sp. z o. o. is a leading manufacturer of garden, urban, park and banquet furniture made of solid wood in Poland. Our offer includes garden sets, city benches, park benches, beer sets, beer sets, tables, chairs, armchairs, as well as garden sunbeds. An additional service is the professional renovation of garden - city and park furniture. The first garden furniture under the TRIMEX brand hit the market in 1993. Since then, the company's products have found recipients in virtually all European countries. The production of garden furniture is our passion, which is why we are constantly expanding our range, modernizing production technology, training our staff and implementing management systems that guarantee the highest quality. Specialized and constantly developing production and logistics base, modern design as well as the qualifications and experience of the crew allow us to propose products that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. We offer the possibility of fulfilling orders placed by retail customers and wholesale customers - then the terms of cooperation are determined individually in order to maximize your expectations.
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Online sales of outdoor furniture and designer garden furniture The desire to experience outdoor relaxation leads us more and more to the search for quality exterior furnishings and design that can make any corner of our home comfortable and welcoming. Uniko garden furniture stands out for the quality of each element and for the handcrafted finish that makes it elegant and exclusive. The use of high quality synthetic rattan generated by the extrusion of a 100% virgin polymer, combined with the use of aluminum structures treated to guarantee high resistance performance, guarantee solidity over time and absolute functionality, highly appreciated by those who choose these outdoor furniture to beautify and make welcoming outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, verandas. Elegant, versatile and extremely comfortable, these Uniko outdoor garden furniture and terraces are striking in their design and innovative shapes, which, according to modern tastes, furnish optimizing spaces. Modular and modular according to preference, the synthetic rattan furniture adapts easily to any style and allows you to create outdoor furnishings of great visual impact, timeless over time. The collection is also able to offer balcony furnishing solutions, with a selection of unique pieces, handcrafted in Indonesia, made entirely by hand using the best natural materials on the market. Whatever the size of your home's outdoor space, Uniko design garden furniture is designed to make you spend pleasant moments of outdoor life, offering exclusive outdoor furniture solutions that offer maximum comfort to make you live the best your open space in all seasons. In our online shop you will find lots of news, the best outdoor furniture for outdoor design and high quality synthetic rattan garden furniture designed to meet the needs of the most refined home decor lovers: tables and chairs, sofas and living rooms from outside design, swings, deckchairs and pool beds, giant cushions and ottomans for outdoor as well as many ideas and garden accessories to make your open space incredibly Uniko.
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Ansawert OÜ
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OÜ Ansawert is a company with long-term experience in manufacturing and exporting. We are engaged in the production and sale of solid wood garden furniture. The company was founded in 1998. and today is one of the largest manufacturers of garden furniture in Estonia. We value green thinking and a healthy living environment. We use our region's renewable natural resources and process it in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Our products are finished with water-soluble paints, stains and varnishes manufactured in the European Union and certified (mainly Teknos). Our production can be found in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Scandinavian countries. It is also popular to use wooden furniture in Estonian backyards. We are a good partner for you.
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Founded in 1991, Les Jardins® quickly became the leader in the teak furniture market. It has since developed on all modern materials: aluminum, batyline, HPL (High Pressure Laminate), braided resin, galvanized steel ... to become a key player in the outdoor furniture market upscale. Designed in France and mainly assembled in Spain and Indonesia our creations are exported throughout Europe, the United States and South East Asia. Eco-design is at the heart of our concerns, in order to have easily recyclable products, small in size, that last in time ... in order to have the least possible impact on the environment. Our philosophy: Your garden deserves the best. The 4 pillars of the brand: Creativity is always the hallmark of the brand Les jardins The unique association of noble materials serves as a foundation for the creation Each collection must stand out for its exclusive ergonomics The value for money must be excellent The old bench at the bottom of the garden has always awakened the most diverse emotions in us. This craze to "furnish the outside" exceeds the mere whim, each object becomes an island in a green space. A pretext for strolling, an accomplice for reading, a playground, a festive atmosphere ... so many good reasons to furnish the outdoors ... Dress up a pool of colored sunsets, unwind a table on the terrace, so many good reasons to live outdoors ... Here is the challenge of the designer! Claude Robin , creator for the gardens at the end of the world perpetuates the spirit of the brand and affirms the exclusive character of each collection. Ergonomics, touch, material, color are the binders to the development of the object. Les Jardins® has been operating since 1991. Thanks to his know-how and technical expertise, he has been able to develop a range of garden furniture that can be adapted to any style over the years: with his contemporary, original designs, he has quickly become one of the leaders of this market. In our tables and chairs which are mainly produced in France, ergonomics and functionality have been given priority while at the same time care has been taken to protect the environment.
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CHAIRING STORIES ALL OVER THE WORLD A global company Vincent Sheppard has been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort since 1992. Our company is worldwide market leader in 'Lloyd Loom' furniture, a technique where kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into unique furniture pieces. Today, our furniture is exported to more than 50 countries on six continents and the number keeps growing. We are proud to say that our furniture can be found in the most beautiful hotels, homes and restaurants all over the world./ CHAIRING CRAFTSMANSHIP Tradition and skills become true artistry Our company started with the goal of honouring and preserving the tradition and history of the Lloyd Loom weaving technique. To accomplish this goal, we have developed a close collaboration with the local people of Cirebon, Indonesia. Known for its tradition in weaving and bending rattan, Cirebon was the perfect area to build our main production plant. The knowledge and skills of the local craftsmen elevate our products to pieces of art, each and every one of them handcrafted to perfection. Through the years, we have extended our product range with other natural and durable materials. Our designs are made in Belgium and that is exactly where they are finished as well, the way we imagened them at first. Painters, seamstresses, designers. We all work together. To complete the circle. With a lot of care and eye for detail.
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MANUFACTURER OF IRON AND STEEL FURNITURE - FIEMAR Fiemar is a brand established in response to the growing demand for high quality park and city benches, as well as garden furniture made on the basis of traditional solid iron castings. Over the past years, as a manufacturer, we have completed numerous supplies of cast iron furniture to public institutions, companies and private individuals. Based on the experience gained, we have prepared a unique range of high-quality products on the market, at a moderate price. At the same time, responding to the needs of our customers, we have created an alternative proposal for the above-mentioned garden sets and cast iron benches . It's solid, with modern design, but slightly cheaper furniture made of steel and softwood. example Maintaining a constant high quality of production deserved many positive opinions published by users of our furniture on the Internet. They emphasize the stability and easy installation many times. obtained in elements of iron or steel garden sets . They also often pay attention to the aesthetics of the product. Thank you very much for every opinion and valuable comments.
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We produce strong furniture for you! For many decades the brand "Elefant" from Austria stands for particularly robust, "elephant-strong" garden furniture in the catering industry! Some of the first beer garden furniture were developed in the late 1930s under the ELEPHANT brand, and many of these "classics" have survived the story to this day and have since proven themselves thousands of times over. In addition to the standard variants, we also offer individual designs and surfaces for many products. Furthermore, you will still receive spare parts for many models after decades, in order to grant you the longest possible and sustainable added value. With years of experience, solid workmanship, and the use of selected raw materials, we are constantly striving to offer you a wide range of high quality catering furniture. We hope you enjoy browsing through the range of furniture and look forward to your request - Your ELEPHANT furniture team from Waldneukirchen / Austria General: History of patio furniture: (Source: Wikipedia History garden furniture) Compared to the history of seating culture, the history of garden terrace furniture is still very young. At the beginning of the 19th century, simple garden chairs and tables served as mobile seating for the patio area. Soon after, there were also first folding patio chairs. It was not until the second half of the 20th century and the burgeoning recreational society that resulted from less work and more leisure time that the success of the guest garden furniture began. It began the holiday trips to the south - in the 1950s, preferably to Italy - where you got to know the happy southern life, which was largely played outside. In the 1960s it was then in particular the Hollywood swing, which was found on every terrace and in every garden. Today, there is a variety of materials and finishes that make the transition from living room to garden seamless and continue living in the summer outdoors. Some materials used in our patio furniture: Metal: In addition to steel in galvanized or powder-coated design, this particularly includes aluminum, and as a high-quality supplement also stainless steel. Due to its high stability, steel and stainless steel are ideal for heavy duty applications, for example in system and alpine catering or in some old town terraces. Aluminum and stainless steel have the advantage that they are permanently rust-free. Only when using salt and chlorine it must be ensured that the aluminum is additionally anodized or powder-coated. For stainless steel, the special V4A stainless steel should be used instead of the usual V2A for this purpose, which offers greater protection against corrosion due to the higher chromium content. Teak is an extremely popular material for the production of patio furniture. Teak wood is very weather-resistant due to its oil-containing ingredients, but should be regularly sanded and oiled. This preserves the natural wood color. If no oil is used, the teak gets a silver-gray color. When teak garden furniture should be paid to the fact that these are made of plangent teak from sustainable cultivation. Garden furniture surface: untreated, raw or oiled Robinia wood: Robinia is often mistakenly called Acacia in Europe due to the Latin name of the common Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia). Originally from North America, the robinia has been planted in parks and gardens throughout Europe for over 300 years and has long been widely used in forests. The wood rot resistant wood is at the same time flexible, firm and extremely hard. Since the use of robinia wood is an alternative to the use oftropicaltimber due to its properties, it has been increasingly pushed since the turn of the millennium for the construction of patio furniture, children's playgrounds and the Lawienenverbauung. Garden furniture surface: oiled or varnished with boat varnish Attention - Unfortunately, the acacia from Southeast Asia is often used in particularly cheap patio furniture , which is normally used only as construction and firewood. The color is similar, but the characteristics and sustainable are not comparable to the European Robinia! Tip: best you ask for furniture to special designs - are special colors / sizes not possible is the large amount of flak that it is imported goods. Lärchenho lz : Larch wood is the heaviest and hardest wood among European needles. Because of its good weather properties, larch wood is used in earthworks, water and bridge construction, in boat building and also for our beer garden furniture and solid wood furniture. Garden furniture surface: oiled or varnished with boat varnish Ash wood: Due to the positive characteristics of ash wood is counted among the noble hardwoods. After beech andoakit is one of the most important hardwoods of Central Europe. Ash wood is used especially when the highest demands are made on strength and elasticity. So it is often used in the manufacture of tool handles, sports equipment and bending moldings. Garden furniture surface: glazed with boat paint, or in Ral. Colors colorful Info: With a correspondingly longer lead time, we can manufacture many patio furniture with other types of wood due to our own production. Plastic: Plastic furniture had its wedding in the early days of garden furniture development. Their lightness, robustness and easy care along with the low price made this furniture very successful. After plastic furniture had become almost completely insignificant in the meantime, they are now experiencing a rebirth in a new kind of production. After polyrattan furniture has conquered the market, today in new processes furniture can be manufactured in injection molding machines in very unusual designs that would have been unthinkable before. Composite: Here, flour made of wood, plant fibers, peel and other natural substances is mixed with plastic. WPC = wood plastic composite is a very common term. The aim is to combine the advantages of both materials such as longevity, weather resistance and wood appearance and good formability as possible. However, the weight of this furniture is usually higher because due to the lower breaking strength and dimensional stability usually have to be provided with metal substructure or deposits. Poly rattan: Wicker furniture made of polyrattan is comparatively cheap to produce because the plastic fibers come as mass production from the machine. The fibers have the advantage that they are color-stable and durable and can be processed well. Poly rattan is an indispensable part of terrace furniture production and is now one of the most important materials in this segment. Textiles: Textilene is actually a protected brand term, but is now used colloquially for this type of fabric. The Textilene is made of a PVC coated synthetic fiber, which makes it highly tear-resistant, tensile and flexible. In addition, the material is water-repellent and quick-drying, and is therefore considered extremely easy-care and durable. Due to the high level of comfort and the pleasant feeling of lying, the fabric is used particularly strongly in combination with aluminum for the covering of seat and back surfaces instead of poly rattan.
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Irmak Oyuncak olarak sahip olduğumuz bilgi ve tecrübeyi, siz değerli Müşterilerimiz ile paylaşmanın heyecanını duymaktayız. Park ve Bahçe Oyuncakları, Açık hava spor aletleri ve kent mobilyaları konusunda üretim yapan uzman kadroya sahip olan şirketimiz aynı zamanda EN-1176 ve ISO kalite yönetim sistemine de sahiptir. Irmak oyuncak olarak kurulduğumuz ilk andan itibaren kaliteye verdiği önem ve zoru başarma azmi sayesinde kısa sürede sektöründe tanınmış ve bu ilkelerden asla vazgeçmemiştir. Firmamızın değişmez prensipleri daima kaliteli hizmet, zamanında teslim ve uygun fiyat olmuştur. Üretimde başarı ve sürekliliğin teminatı “hizmette dürüstlük ve kalitedir” prensibiyle çalışan Irmak Oyuncak sizlere bugün ve gelecekte hizmet vermeye devam edecektir. Gerek Mevcut projelerinizde gerekse gelecek projelerinizde size hizmet vermek ümidi ile…

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Volado Saksı ve Yapı Malzemeleri Tic. Ltd. Şti., 2004 yılında Adnan Tolkun ve Z. Volkan Beşorak tarafından kurulmuştur. Yapı ve uygulama ağırlıklı projelerde eksikliği hissedilen, bitki saksı bütünlüğü kavramını dikkate alan Volado, ithal ettiği geniş ürün gamıyla iç ve dış mekan uygulamalarında çok değişik güncel alternatifler sunmaktadır. Volado,Serralunga Ürünlerinin Türkiye Tek İthalatçısı, Lechuza ürünlerinin de Resmi İthalatçı ve Distribütörüdür

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Modern, estetik ve fonksiyonel tasarım anlayışıyla müşterilerine sıradanlıktan uzak, kaliteli ürünler sunmayı amaç edinen İtals, bu alanda sektöre yön veren bir marka olarak satıştan, satış sonrası hizmetlere kadar yüksek kaliteli bir hizmet sunarak sektörle standartların gelişmesine katkıda bulunuyor. Müşterilerine, kaliteden ödün vermeden, modern ve yaşanılabilir mekanlar oluşturuyor.

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Emre Kıral Ofis ve Bahçe Mobilyaları üretimi boyunca sahip olduğu bilgi ve tecrübeyi, siz değerli müşterileri ile paylaşmanın heyecanını duyar. Kurulduğu günden itibaren sürekli ileriyi hedefleyen , yenilikleri yakından takip eden ve mobilya üretimi yapan alanında uzman ve deneyimli kadroya sahip olan şirketimiz Ofis Mobilyaları , Bahçe Mobilyaları , Cafe , Otel , Restourant ve Proje mobilyaları üretmekte ve siz değerli müşterilerimize sunmaktayız.Orta ölçekli bir işletme olmasına rağmen kurulduğu ilk andan itibaren kaliteye verdiği önem ve zoru başarma azmi sayesinde kısa sürede mobilya sektöründe tanınmış ve bu ilkelerinden asla vazgeçmemiştir. Firmanın değişmez prensipleri daima kalite, hizmet, zamanında teslim ve uygun fiyat olmuştur. Üretimde başarı ve sürekliliğin teminatı hizmette dürüstlük ve kalitedir prensibiyle çalışan Emre Kıral Ofis ve Bahçe Mobilyaları gösterdiğiniz yakın ilgi ve desteğinizden ötürü teşekkür ederek sizlere bugün ve gelecekte daima ilkelerimiz olan KALİTE , GÜVEN ve Güleryüz çervecesinde hizmet vermeye devam edecektir.

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