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Erciyas Holding, dört ana pazarda dünya genelinde elli ülkede 30 yılı aşkın bir süredir faaliyet gösteren bir yatırım grubudur; dahil sanayi , enerji , bisiklet sanayi ve hizmetler . Erciyas Holding, 1989 yılında Ahmet Kamil Erciyas'ın vizyonu ve cesareti ile kurulan Erciyas Çelik Boru fabrikasına kadar köklerini izleyebilir. Bugün Erciyas Holding, her iki bölgede de başarılı bir şekilde Türkiye'nin en önemli yatırım gruplarından biridir. ve dahil olduğu tüm sektörlerde küresel pazarlar. Güçlü bir finansal yapıyı koruyarak, şirket dünya çapında müthiş bir rakip ve güvenilir bir ortak olmaya devam ediyor.

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Demir Doğrama Atölyeleri

Quality services and metal products from engineering to the production process The mission Being a point of reference for production efficiency and continuous innovation, sharing working methods and stimulating and rewarding relationships for all with collaborative customers. Being a leading company in the engineering of metal products, guaranteeing customers unique products in terms of originality and quality. The Vision The goal is to make INGEGNI Srl a point of reference in the elaboration and realization of the ideas of our Customers, developing for them the most effective and efficient production process in the production of the elements.Values Dynamism being enterprising and innovative Collaboration, confrontation and dialogue with all stakeholders (customers, collaborators, suppliers) Diversity trying to put into production and products something unique Sharing put our skills at the disposal of everyone Propositiveness seeking maximum customer satisfaction with proposals tailored to measure Passion to do the things we believe in, to feel the thrill of creating something in which there is something about us Growth to continuously improve our skills Speed ​​to manage every process in the shortest possible time, adapting to the needs of our customers Quality always guarantee quality products and services through the use of high standard materials and certified production processes Respect favoring the culture of respect for the environment.We fulfill every need, from the simplest to the most complex. INGEGNI srl is born from the combination of various and significant professional experiences of the members, who make their daily direct work. The over twenty years experience gained in different realities of the metalworking sector dedicated to sheet metal working, and in general of metal, have redirected the founders on the creation of a new company, for dynamism, proactivity, but also and above all for the ability to "react ”To the needs of our customers in a very short time, certainly adapted to the new needs of the current market. Not the lowest price, the right price! Research, innovation, analysis of production processes, training, professionalism, sharing of the best solution with the customer (from the idea to the product). We want to be a reference for our customers and have the incentives to continuously adapt to their needs. We believe that change will be the rule, so let's start from this, giving impetus and innovation to ideas in a project born within a great economic crisis, because the crisis, as Einstein described it in 1934, can be a real blessing for every person and nation, because it is precisely the crisis that brings progress. " Creativity is born of anguish, as the day is born of the dark night. It is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born ".

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