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Our original seamless walling system, the MaxiPremium continues to maintain its position as the leading automotive display system. Thanks to simple features such as patented the “quick-adjust” foot levelling system and positive pin and camlock configuration, build and breakdown times are reduced when compared to traditional systems such as pole and panel, giving you and your team more time to focus on what is important. Our MaxiPremium line, is the original, seamless walling systems designed with the motorsports industry in mind.


The latest addition to the Grand Design Systems seamless walling range is the EcoWall. Combining the principles of our flagship walling system the MaxiPremium, we have painstakingly developed a final product that is lighter in weight but still meets the same high-quality criteria our customers have come to expect from GDS. Each panel is fitted as standard with the patented “Quick-Adjust” foot levelling system and simple pin and camlock configuration ensuring efficient setup times and repeatability of performance at each event. (Recorded setup time for a double-garage is just 33 minutes. See link below, with reported build times as low as 13 minutes!) EcoWall is the ideal choice for reducing costs without compromising on quality.


For new and existing teams with small budgets, our Framework Walling System is a very inexpensive entry level within motorsport. The opportunity to create an image in the pit box or under awning not only creates a clean productive environment, but also helps to promote the team to attract potential sponsors.


The GDS Gantries have been designed to go together quickly and securely. The conical connector that holds the sections together ensure that deflection over a 12 metre span is virtually eliminated and powerhoods can be hung safely.

All sections of the gantry including the legs, as a result of the connection system, are ladder rather than truss, which ensures that weight and volume are considerably reduced.


At events such as the Le Mans 24 hours, teams are requested to remove the tractor units from the race trailers thereby exposing the underneath of the trailer. As tradition has it, truck fascias are then built around the trailer so not only making the area safe but also creating workshop areas that can be worked in without the general public wandering into.


Our carefully designed race flooring has proven to be one of the most popular modular flooring systems in the world. Manufactured to effectively match the demands of the motorsports industry, our flooring is ideal for use within the garage and hospitality areas.

Manufactured from co-polypropylene for durability, comfort and static protection, the tiles are able to the withstand the use of common motorsports equipment, including air jacks, trolley jacks, and wheel trolleys. Another innovative feature of our genuine Race Flooring tiles, is to incorporate a flat ridge as opposed to the traditional round ridge, increasing comfort levels for technicians when they are kneeling.


When you want to show off your team or organisation’s branding and sponsor partners, our vinyl graphics and wrapping service is ideal for you. We deliver superior quality finishes, ensuring that your garage and products always give a professional image.

We provide the facilities for design and production of a wide range of graphics, from garage walling to truck fascias and complete racecar wraps. We’ve worked with a vast client base over the years, providing our team with extensive experience of delivering graphics. Among our work in this area is the Gumball Rally. We’re proud to prepare all the vehicles to this iconic annual British event each year and work on multiple other race series around the globe.


The GDS Electronic Timing Board has been developed over a period of time taking into account the rules and regulations by such bodies as the FIA, ACO and IMSA. We often get asked if we can change the colour of the LEDs, but there are two main reasons why we cannot do this. The first is that the various governing bodies will not allow us to do so and secondly, after years of testing, developing and live usage, we know that the colour of the LED is the best one for drivers to see at 160mph +.

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Bina Çatı Kaplama Ekipmanları
Daha İyisini İnşa Etmek Dünyanın dört bir yanındaki Kingspan çalışanlarının ana motivasyon kaynağı; yatırımcılar, inşaat sektöründekiler ve bina sakinleri için sürdürülebilir, yangın güvenlikli ve sağlıklı binalar sunmaktır. Yalıtımlı Panel Sistemleri, İrlanda’da sunduğumuz altı sistemden birisi olup daha hızlı yapım, daha düşük ömür boyu maliyet ve daha üstün yangın direnci konusunda sınırları zorlamamıza imkan sağlayan komple bina kaplamaları ve desteği sunmamıza imkan sağlar. Tüm Kingspan ürünleri ve sistemleri, kapsamlı testler ve garantiler ile desteklenir ve daha iyisini inşa etmek için verilen 50 yıllık çabadan elde edilen muazzam miktardaki know-how bilgisine dayanır. Yalıtımlı Panel Sistemleri Yalıtımlı Panel Sistemleri Çatı & duvar yalıtımlı panelleri, ışıklık, özel fabrikasyonlar ve çatı üstü solar PV sistemleri dahil komple bina kaplama sistemleri. Cephe & Yağmur Perdesi Sistemleri Cephe & Yağmur Perdesi Sistemleri Nefes kesici ve sürdürülebilir simge mimari eserler için çok çeşitli malzemelerden üretilebilen duvardan geçişli duvar perdesi sistemleri ve panelli cepheler. Yapısal Çelik Ürünler Yapısal Çelik Ürünler Aşıklar, parmaklıklar, çelik zemin kaplama, kanal seçimleri ve kapsamlı yan ürünlerden oluşan soğuk haddelenmiş zengin yapı ürünleri çeşitleri.
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