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Ballı Bey Arıcılık olarak kaliteli malzemelerin ve doğal ürünlerin herkesin bütçesine uygun fiyatlarda satılması gerektiğine inanıyoruz. 2018 yılında Bursa'da faaliyete başladık. Kısa zaman zarfında insanların bağışıklığa ve sağlığa yaklaşımında büyük değişiklikler oldu ve biz bu değişimlerden heyecan duyuyoruz. Gelin ve mağazamıza göz atın. Birbirinden doğal, sağlıklı arı ürünlerimiz sizi bekliyor.

Organik bal çeşitlerimiz, polen, propolis, arı sütü ve kişisel bakım ürünlerimizden oluşan ürünlerimizin tamamı katkısız ve organik tarım sertifikalıdır.

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1973 yılında serüvenine başlayan markamız; Düzce Organize Sanayi Bölgesi’nde 10000 m2 üzerine kurulmuş 6000m2 kapalı alanı bulanan fabrikamızda paketlenen seçkin ve kaliteli ürünler, Balarısı Çiçek Balı , Balarısı Çam Balı ve Balarısı Kestane Balı etiketi ile yurtiçi ve yurtdışı tüketicimize ulaşmaktadır.

Balarısı, bugün dinamik yönetimi ve konusunda deneyimli çalışanlarıyla 20’den fazla ülkeye ihracat gerçekleştirmektedir.

Bal, nektardan kavanoza zorlu, zahmetli ve uzun soluklu bir sürecin tatlı ürünüdür.

Arıların çiçeklere kavuşmasıyla bal hasat mevsimi başlar; Türkiye’nin dört bir yanına kovanlarını taşıyan arıcıların elde ettikleri ürünleri, fabrikamıza göndermesiyle sürer.

Nihayetinde, analizlerle doğallığı ve saflığı kanıtlanan Balarısı markalı ballarımız, sofrada yerini alarak tüketicimizle buluşur.

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Kağızman'da uzun yıllardır bal üreticisi olarak siz değerli müşterilerimize bölgemizin temiz hava koşullarında bal ürünlerini sağlamaktayız. Kesinlikle organik ve doğal bal üreticisi olarak ballarımız doğal olduğu kadar da emek içerisinde sizlere sunmak istiyoruz. Üreticiden direk tüketiceye hizmetlerimizi sürdürmekteyiz. Farkı siz müşterilerimiz göreceksiniz. Anzer Balı Anzer Poleni Bal Polen Yayla Çiçek Balı Kestane Balı Arı Poleni Balmumu Temel Petek Ana Arı Kafkas Ana Arı Kars Çiçek Balı

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Rare honey Honeys grown at over 1200 m altitude in the Pyrenees or the Alps are considered honeys of high mountains. Honey rare and particularly sought after and was considered one of the best honeys in the nineteenth century. It's still so rare and searching. I offer rare honeys, harvested and extracted according to a traditional know how as our ancestors did. They are an invitation to rediscover the simple pleasure of the authentic flavors of yesteryear. The extraction of the honey is done by grinding and pressing and not by centrifugation. This keeps all the honey components, even the most volatile and many pollen. A real treat for your taste buds. Natural honey The natural honey of flowers and wild mountain plants , delicately collected by the bees. These same bees have traveled for our greatest pleasure hundreds of kilometers in the mountains at different altitudes in the heart of the Pyrenees to bring to the hive this nectar so precious, despite the rigorous weather of the mountain, after a clever mix and several hours, they turn nectar into honey for our happiness. They store it in cells previously built by waxy bees and then leave it for a few days to evaporate the too much water contained in the honey then they close the cells of wax in order to isolate the honey to be able to keep it and to eat it during Winter. Mountain honey In the honey shop, I propose several natural honeys (rare honey), mostly wild flowers and wild medicinal herbs, originating from the high mountains of the Pyrenees in Andorra's natural parks and valleys from 1200 m to almost 2080 m above sea level with the: Honey Valls Comapedrosa 1950 m, Honey Sorteny 1960 m, Honey Coll Ordino 2080 m, Honey Can Diumenge 1200 m Honey Beixalis and many other places even more mysterious, you will find of honey rhododendron wild flower high mountain and honey with wax and propolis and propolis liquid . The mountain natural honeywith notes very flowery and sweet and very pleasant in the mouth, mountain honey does not crystallize, we also offer organic honey from the Ariège Pyrenees of chestnut and acacia honey . You will also find propolis from our apiaries, pure propolis or even mother tincture of propolis and natural propolis as well as honey and propolis candies . We also offer homemade honey candies always from our hives. We propose the personalization of small jar of honey for wedding , baptism, birth or company with a total customization of the label as well as the format and the size of the pot. Mountain honey benefits of plants and wildflowers. Warré hive honey (ecological) It is a natural honey (organic) and rare because of the altitude and the short floral season of the high mountain as well as because of the type of hive that I use. It comes from warré hives (ecological hives). The extraction is done by grinding and pressing the wax slowly and not by centrifugation. Honey keeps all its components even the most volatile and many pollens. Honey is also richer in pollen. No wax outside the apiary is brought. No non- organic treatment is introduced in the hives, I do not have a certified organic certification . The natural honey of the Pyrenees comes from black bees, breed of local and rustic bee, we offer lip balm propolis. I am a beekeeper in the mountains of the Pyrenees I propose the work of my bees. Mountain Beekeeper in the Pyrenees I am a beekeeper from father to son and passionate, located in the heart of the Pyrenees in high mountains in the Principality of Andorra. We like to believe that it is the best honey in the world, but for us it is a natural honey so difficult to do in the high mountains that we decided to do it as handcrafted and as naturally as possible, by choosing our hives (Warré), by choice of our interventions, by the choice of our treatments (bio) and by respect of our bees and our customers. We do not feed hives in production with sugar or syrup, we do not introduce embossed wax, we do not heat honey, we only treat with essential oils and organic treatments , we do not extract by centrifugation (extractor), we grind the wax and honey like our ancestors, the honey flows slowly, then we end up pressing the wax to get the maximum honey and many pollen. Every year the bees remake the wax, a wax so pure that we offer it for sale on the shelf or with pieces of wax with honey tasting. We have a special connection with honey. It is adorned with all the virtues: it contributes to our health , it evokes the scents of summer, the sun, the flowers, the fruits. We would like it to remain a product of proximity, far from the imperious laws of the economy, and that it remains authentic, natural, a source of sweetness in a world in upheaval. From the book: The Honey: Investigation of the new yellow gold Stephane

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About Us Altınpetek Besin Üretim (Altınpetek Food Production) was founded by Şaban Ençetin in 1979 in Ankara. Ençetin family who could reach in the beginning at only a limited number of its retail customers in a small manufacturing shop many years ago, take now justified pride of being the owner of a firm which exports largest amount of HONEY in Turkey in the last 3 years, equipped by state of the art technology on an area of 50.000 m2, positioned at top level in terms of hygiene and quality, professionalized at global firms level. Altınpetek Besin Üretim also occupies is the position of being the main supplier of many well-known reliable honey brands which earned the trust of consumers particularly in America and Europe since longer than 25 years. In addition to the food safety certificates like ISO9001,HACCP22000 possessed today within Turkey standards, also due diligent controls and full analyses are being mad efor each gram of product packaged by our firm. We would like to specify with emphasis that all the analyses and controls made are not only within Turkish standards but also “natural honey purity” analyses at higher level and in more detail are being made for each lot of honey as an exporter firm. As it was before, today and in the future, too, Altınpetek Besin Üretim shall keep ongoing to offer to you, our precious consumers, the honey, naturality of which has been proved, by means of controls and analyses based only on science by never stopping its relationship with the Universities and laboratories both, in Turkey and abroad.

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Our company is next to every step that our honey goes through, from the moment it comes out of the hive to reaching your hands. Bees produce honey in hundreds of bees in our country. Our 2,000 beekeepers all over Greece collect honey and we select the best varieties. Our specialized Organic Control and Quality Control departments ensure the honey in its quality, origin, taste, color and aroma. We pack honey so that its taste, aroma and nutrients remain unchanged . From antiquity to the present day, honey is not only one of nature's most delicious and healthy foods but it is also symbolic. At festivals, they used it as a symbol of fertility and good life , while at weddings they offered honey with nuts and pastels to newlyweds and guests. In addition, for the good of the time, they placed a mug full of honey along with nuts and an olive branch on the house table. From then on, honey is symbolically and truly prosperous ! And this is because it gives us the most natural energy, as it is rich in fast-absorbing carbohydrates. It thus becomes an ally in our demanding daily life, contributing to physical and spiritual performance.

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city of Salsk . The main directions of production activity: production of honey in the apiary of the enterprise - up to 50 tons per season; purchase of honey - up to 600 tons per year; honey packing - up to 300 tons per year; bulk deliveries of weight honey up to 40 tons per month; wholesale deliveries of packaged honey up to 30 tons per month. For wholesale deliveries it is offered: weight honey in a standard container ; packaged honey-20 types of consumer packaging : a glass can of imported production with a capacity of 150,250,500,750,1000 g .; a glass bank of domestic production with a capacity of 150,350,500 g .; plastic jar with a capacity of 250,500,700 (750), 1000,1300 (1400) gr .; souvenir packaging with a capacity of 500.1000 gr. According to the botanical origin, honey is represented in five types: May, meadow, flower, buckwheat, lime, white acacia, melilot . Packing is made taking into account the requirements of the European standard, provided with a barcode, certified . Products are collected in ecologically clean regions of Russia: Krasnodar, Stavropol Territories, Rostov, Volgograd, Voronezh Regions . Over the past ten years, our products are widely represented in the markets of Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Murmansk, Kaliningrad and Arkhangelsk regions, in the cities of the Urals, Siberia, the Republic of Karelia and Belarus . We invite you to cooperation . Working with us, you will gain a reliable partner

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The Beekeepers Association of the Province of Brescia continues the activity carried out by the Association of Bee Producers of the Province of Brescia, which has operated in the Brescia area since 1984. It was born on 15 September 2011 and is associated with the Regional Association of Beekeepers Lombardi, of which he was a founding member. It currently has about 600 members with a total of around 8000 hives Its main purpose is the promotion of beekeeping and beehive products. It supports the beekeeping of Brescia through technical assistance to beekeepers and the organization of basic and advanced beekeeping courses and refresher courses or days for the beekeeping sector. He organized the "Brescian Great Honeys Competition" for almost 30 years, later merged into the "Great Lombardy honeys" competition after the birth of the regional association. For more than 25 years, it has organized the competition "Le Api" among nursery, elementary and middle school students, which for some years has been extended to all of Lombardy, and has made interventions in schools to illustrate bees and beehive products. Between November and December of each year organizes the event called "APIBRESCIA", great celebration of beekeepers and honey from Brescia, in which he sets up an exhibition on bees open to the public. In collaboration with a group of tasters, it organizes honey tasting events. In collaboration with the API BRESCIA Cooperative, it organizes the marketing of members' honey and other bee products. It promotes sales days and takes part in fairs and markets, where it also organizes exhibitions on bees.

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homeCompanyHoney Masters since 1910 COMPANY History MAES HONEY, main honey trader in Spain The effort, perseverance and tradition that involves the last four generations of the Redondo family have been the keys for more than a century so that MAES HONEY has gone from being a family business to one of the most important beekeeping producers in Spain that He works to take care of the naturalness of honey. The history of MAES Honey begins to be written in the year 1910 when César and Elena, a modest marriage settled in the small town of Valero, in the heart of the Salamanca mountains, fall in love with the beekeeping world. That is when they decide to acquire hives. His passion is such that they manage to instill it in the next generation, the marriage formed by his son Esteban and his wife Manuela. Very soon this dedication becomes his profession where care prevails in every detail , the care in each step of elaboration and the persistence to maintain quality handmade values. These are the values ​​that they transmit to their son Cecilio, who, in addition to acquiring them and keeping them intact, embarks on the commercialization adventure with a clear objective: to take honey from his grandparents throughout the country. With this premise he creates the FEYCE brand inspired by the name of his children, Felisa and César. The latter will be responsible for collecting the family witness. With César Redondo at the helm, FEYCE made the leap to foreign trade and managed to expand the family business by exporting honey to more than 30 countries spread across the five continents. The passion for honey Without the passion for honey of these four generations, the success of this business could not be explained. A company that began with the dream of Manuela and Esteban. Two honey masters from the south of the province of Salamanca. They were responsible for instilling the traditional values ​​of honey in their grandson, César Redondo, who has decided to honor them by creating MAES Honey . MAES HONEY is undoubtedly the result of a story of overcoming , enthusiasm and an eternal effort to grow and improve day by day. MAES HONEY continues betting on dreams to fulfill and challenges to overcome . For this his work and dedication are constant. Both the Redondo family and their workers work every day to become one of the largest beekeeping exports internationally. Maintaining quality as a base pillar to spread the sweetness of Spanish honey all over the world. MAES HONEY is currently the main honey packer and exporter in Spain , obtaining the recognition of the most demanding consumers worldwide. The history of MAES HONEY, in which the involvement of four generations converges, is a story of overcoming, work and dedication in which family roots and artisanal traditions have managed to merge with the most prestigious technological advances focusing on a single objective: to offer the best honey in Spain .

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